EZ-PLUG Specifications

  1. EZ-PLUG’s outside dimensions are 11-7/8 inches X 11-7/8 inches.
  2. EZ-PLUG’s wood center section is 7-1/2 inches X 7-1/2 inches.
  3. EZ-PLUG’s wood center is 7/16 inches thick OSB sheathing.
  4. EZ-PLUG can be nailed in extreme cold without cracking.
  5. EZ-PLUG will not fail or weaken in extreme heat.
  6. EZ-PLUG plastic will not react to oils or petroleum products.
  7. EZ-PLUG is much stronger than a plywood patch cut rafter to rafter.
  8. EZ-PLUG can also be used to repair rotten wood or other miscellaneous holes in the roof, provided the hole is no greater than 8 X 8 inches.
  9. EZ-PLUG makes it much safer for workers on the roof. No more large holes waiting for plywood to be cut and installed. In most cases, the EZ-PLUG fits in the hole with very little or no cutting.
  11. EZ-PLUG is to have no less than 8 nails (per plug, per patched hole). There should be one nail in each corner, and one nail in the center of each side (top, bottom, right and left sides).